Everything You Wanted To Know About My Bray Marketing


Everything your wanted to now about My Bray Marketing is the bravest thing I’ve ever done, is to become an Affiliate Marketer!

That is me, my name is Yvonne Bray.
Yvonne Bray

Making money online as a blogger has not been easy, after all, some of you might say What is a blog? To answer your question according to the online Cambridge Dictionary a blog is “a regular record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you put on the internet for other people to read.” However, to My Bray Marketing, a blog is so much more. It’s about discovering the best of affiliate marketing through writing blogs.

Hello my name is Yvonne Bray and I’m an Affiliate Marketer and blogger at My Bray Marketing, my role is to help you discover the best of Affiliate Marketing.

To be successful as a blogger writing rich content blogs on product reviews and information online on how to earn money in affiliate marketing as a blogger. My Bray Marketing blogs are written with honesty and dedication to your approach as a blogger. We would like to share with you about your journey discovering the number of ways you can make extra income online.

Since becoming an online writer I’ve learned a great deal about myself and I have found getting started in Affiliate Marketing was tough in the beginning, especially when I attempted to do it alone, with no one to help guide me in the right direction to getting started, and by providing information and support.

My Story

Currently, I’m working in the Hospitality Industry and COVID 19 has hit us in a way that we did not expect, lockdown not from terrorism but a virus that is killing hundreds of people, many losing their jobs, businesses barely surviving and others having to find new ways to make a living.

I started researching various ways to earn extra income, so I could help people make extra money and share an interest in marketing. Hence I decided to go ahead and establish my own business in Marketing and my focus is on Affiliate Marketing.

My qualifications include:

  • Affiliate Bootcamp course at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification at Wealthy Affiliate University
  • Business Administration and Management at TAFE: bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Library Technology University of Edith Cowan, Western Australia, which includes marketing.
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Multimedia at University of Newcastle, NSW

I wanted to establish my own online presence in marketing and after extensive searching, for a number of years, I came across Wealthy Affiliate. Who as a University provided me with skills and confidence to get established as an Affiliate Marketer. I read many reviews and I found they are the best training business that has a wonderful, helpful and caring community. The Community provide support through blogging, tutorials, Live Webinars, Question and Answer, Chat and so much more.

So you would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, you are most welcome to join me by registering here and create your free starter membership. This is where I connect with others and offer help every day to people like yourself.

Within 4 months, I completed my first 5 levels and have established the first online business website that I officially own called My Aero Gardening. Now I am establishing another website called, My Bray Marketing.

In My Aero Gardening you will find written blogs on product reviews and accessories, relating to AeroGardens; including the various types of plants, vegetables, or herbs that you can grow successfully indoors using one of their systems.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links on my website contain affiliate links which means I make a small commission on purchases at no extra cost to you. To read my full disclosure here. Thank you for taking an interest in my site and reading my posts.

My goal is to help you!

My Bray Marketing’s purpose is to get you thinking about the wonderful range of topics that you think you can earn an extra income. My Bray Marketing is here to help:

  • guide you on where to get started
  • share knowledge
  • help you to discover the best Affiliate Marketing Program
  • to inspire you
  • provide you with reliable information
  • highlight the positives and negatives in my blog reviews
  • write blogs to help you to make informed decisions
  • help you become successful by showing you how to make it happen

“I’m tired of chasing shiny objects. Today I am committing to becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer because I know it gives me the best chance at financial freedom. By leveraging other people’s proven products and processes, I can start faster and scale with less resistance. I deserve financial freedom and even though I know building a business takes work, I will see it through.” – Brian Brewer

I would add to this: I am doing this to help others succeed in their marketing journey. What can I provide of value to solve their pain points and problems? – Roy

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This website you are reading now was due to the amazing training I received that enabled me to create my own online business while working from home.

Check out my No 1. recommended training platform that can help you get started online and learn to become your own boss.

Thank you for reading about My Bray Marketing, you’re awesome!

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