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    What is Upwork About?

    What is Upwork about? There are several affiliate programs on the Internet, but I often hear about Upwork Affiliate Program since I became a member at Wealthy Affiliate. So, I decided to learn a bit more about them to understand all the fuss. Why is Upwork recommended? Should I hire them to find a freelancer who can write my blogs to have free time to do something else in my business? Or should I work for them as a freelancer? From that moment on, I decided to do my research to see if they are as good as everyone is saying. What is Upwork? What is Upwork? I visited their…

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    Is ClickBank a good place to earn extra money? (Review)

    ClickBank is a marketplace for affiliate marketers and vendors who create products, promote them and sell them through ClickBank, the go-between or agent. So, is ClickBank a good place to earn extra money? It’s free to join the network and is open to anyone wanting a good place to earn extra money.  I joined as a newbie a few months ago, and I am still undecided on whether to receive a unique affiliate link for the product, drive traffic, and make money. So why have I been waiting so long to make a decision? Is it because I don’t know enough about ClickBank, not participating as much as I should,…

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    How To Make Money Online Selling Amazon Products

    Making extra cash online is not always about selling what’s in your home! As an online affiliate marketer, I have learned how to make money online selling Amazon products which I would like to share with you on how to get started. Who Owns Amazon? The story of how Amazon got started is incredible. Amazon, started in a garage in Seattle in 1994 by CEO and Founder. Jeff Bezos. To read more about Jeff, click here. Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links on my website contain affiliate links which means I make a small commission on purchases at no extra cost to you. To read my full disclosure here. Thank…

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