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How to,  Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online Selling Amazon Products

Making extra cash online is not always about selling what’s in your home! As an online affiliate marketer, I have learned how to make money online selling Amazon products which I would like to share with you on how to get started.

Who Owns Amazon?

The story of how Amazon got started is incredible. Amazon, started in a garage in Seattle in 1994 by CEO and Founder. Jeff Bezos. To read more about Jeff, click here.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links on my website contain affiliate links which means I make a small commission on purchases at no extra cost to you. To read my full disclosure here. Thank you for taking an interest in my site and reading my posts.

Benefits of Amazon

As any business Amazon has, its pros and cons, and as always, the positives outweigh the negatives of selling products online through one of the companies called Amazon. The best way to get started as an Affiliate Associate of Amazon is to show you what you will get as a member.

Amazon is an ideal tool for anyone wanting to have their own online store that discusses their blogs information or reviews on a range of products on their chosen niche. The blogs would provide action by directing potential customers to Amazon products, and the owner of the website earns a small commission.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will have access to many success stories of members who are earning commissions.

How to use Amazon to help me to make money online?

When you link into Amazon, you will see a layout of the first page.

Top Bar of Amazon

First, you will see a bar at the top of the amazon associates page where you can either: sign in (if you already have an affiliate account); Choose a language that you wish to converse in or read and click on the arrow next to the flag to choose which country you come from. 

Under this tab, you will see if your country is there; if not, then you may not be able to sell Amazon products. For me, mine is Australia.

Before signing up, it is probably good to go to the bottom of the page and read about how the associate program works. 

How will the Amazon program help me to make money online?

The program has tools that can help you get started. They have a tool tab that takes you to:

  • SiteStripe toolbar, which will help you to add links and provide you with a snapshot of your earnings.
  • Product Links, which is ideal for any specific product that you wish to sell.
  • For Advanced Users, there is a Product Advertising API

In the next, Amazon has a section on How to make money as an affiliate marketer from your market niche and how much commission percentage you can earn from driving traffic from your website to Amazon. Insert Table 1Insert Tabe 2

Earn Commission from selling Amazon Products

Standard Program Fees

Bounty Events

Associates Program Policies: Amazon

Amazon Policies

It is also good to familiarise yourself with the Associate Program Policies, essential to your success.

It’s also a good idea to browse through the Frequently Asked Questions section as it can provide you with explanations on:

  • how the Associate Program Works
  • to find out if you qualify
  • How much you can earn and
  • How to sign up to the program.

Setting up your account.

Once you have familiarised yourself with Frequently Asked Questions and policies, now it’s time to click on sign up.

You will see below this banner Amazon’s Welcome blurb, welcoming you to their affiliate program on how anyone can sell their millions of products online. They have an easy to use platform, where you can access links to products you wish to sell in your chosen market niche.

There are three steps to get you started in creating your account.

Once you have completed your application and are signed up, you will see a toolbar across the top of your homepage.

  • Home
  • Product Link
  • Promotions
  • Tools
  • Reports
  • Help

Then further down, you will see the page for quick links: search product.

Search Bar

You can either do a keyword search or search by ASIN/ISBN and press GO

Quick Links

Below that, I have provided an example screenshot of the Earnings Overview for the last 30 days. As Christmas is now finished until next year, you will see 10 clicks but no commissions.

To the right of the screen, you will see a summary for January 2021. just below that, there is a link where you can view the full report, which provides an in-depth evaluation of clicks and commissions earned.

You can also browse for Product and click on any topic under, for example, Baby. For example, when you click on Baby, you are taken to a screen with 400 results for baby products available from Amazon.

The screenshot below shows how selecting on baby brings up products that are ideal for babies. Furthermore, you will see a little yellow button called Get Link to the right of the image.

Search under Product Links for Any Product

Let’s click on baby for this example; as you can see below, the keyword baby comes up with a range of subcategories to choose from and get the link to take to your website.

Amazon Affiliates also have a favourite links Destination tool.

Links to Favourite Destinations


Are you stuck on what to do next? You have absolutely no idea on what topic to write about for your next review. If you look under the Promotions tab, there is a section named Idea Hub. It’s a great tool that helps you find promotions, events, deals and product information on Amazon.

However, you can only access the Hub once you become a member of Amazon Associates Central. Once a member, you have availability to lots of content ideas. For example, you can type in Brands and Products, and below it will come up with some awesome ideas for your niches. If you would like to get more inspiration, you need to provide feedback by clicking the thumbs up/down buttons displayed under each content idea. This will help Amazon to improve any future recommendations and content rankings further.


Amazon Associates will have access to these available tools:

  • SiteStripe buttons
  • Line Checker
  • Product Advertising API ()PA API)
  • Onelink
  • Link Your Accounts


Once you start creating your reviews of products for your niche, you will track your earnings and number of clicks. Amazon reports will help you to understand your audience because they are easy to read and include:

  • Earnings
  • Orders
  • Miscellaneous Referrals
  • Link-Type
  • Daily Trends
  • Tracking ID Summary
  • Payment History.


Amazon has a fantastic help centre that will get you started and learning more about

  • commission income
  • mobile
  • the Operating Agreement
  • Their reporting
  • Managing your payment settings
  • Discovering Link building tools

Further down on the help page, you will find additional links on

  • Getting Started
  • Program Overview
  • Sign Up
  • Appropriate Conduct and
  • other additional Information.

Where can you build your website?

At Wealthy Affiliate. You can learn to build your website for free using their SiteRubix platform. 

Zero Risk

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate is for anyone who s serious about earning extra income, but you will need a website about doing this. Wealthy Affiliate provides a free starter course.

==To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate==

If you have any questions about this post’s content, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear what you think about the article.


  • Christine

    This is great! I have an Amazon associates account, but I didn’t know about the idea hub, although I always saw it featured there 😉 I will definitely check it out now. It sounds like a really useful tool.

  • Nyamvumba

    I am new to Affiliate Marketing. I am finding it extremely difficult to align training and guidelines with website content development. But I have learnt a few ways through your article. I will try the above methods with Amazon. Apparently, am subscribed to WA. But I keep learning new things as I go along. It needs time to get a clear understanding of how to create a sustainable online business through Affiliate Marketing.
    Thank you for your well articulated article.

    • Yvonne Bray

      Hello Nyamvumba,
      I’m so happy you found a few more interesting items to help you move forward. Before I forget, Amazon also has a learning tutorial, on how to use their site. In addition, if you access Jay’s 14 day webinar, he shows you how to get up and running in 14 days. I’ve been a member for 15 months now and I am learning new things everyday, and I know you will too. All the best for success.

  • Helen


    Thank you for sharing such an amazing webpage where plenty of information is available to help us newbies get our bearings. I did notice and someone may have already mentioned this, under Table of Contents there is nothing next to number 7. I know I would want to be made aware so I am sure you are the same.

    Again, thank you for this amazing website!


    • Yvonne Bray

      Hello Helen
      Thank you for pointing out that number 7 is missing from the table of contents. I really appreciate you noticing something is wrong. I’ll take a look when I have finished responding to you. It’s really great that you like the website and that you find the content useful. Thank you for leaving your lovely comment.

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