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Is Survey Junkie The Best Survey Site To Earn Money Online

Do you often wonder what happens to all the information that you provide when completing a survey? I have often thought about this. In my research, I have found that I am helping my favourite brands by providing them with information on issues, new ideas, new ways to do things, and improving the products and services that I often use or daily.

So, is Survey Junkie the best Survey Site to earn money online. I will show you how it works and provide you with information on how your feedback impacts when providing valuable information on what you like and don’t like about a product and what products need improving or fixing. Yes, your opinion has a voice!

Survey Junkie An Overview

NAME: Survey Junkie


PRICE: Membership is free

OWNERS: Survey Junkie owned by consumer insights platform DISQO

OVERALL RANK On Pilot Trust: 4.5 out of 5

Pilot Trust reviews are based on positive and negative feedback that they haven’t replied to any adverse comments for twelve months.

What is Survey Junkie?

If you love doing surveys, then Survey Junkie is for you. They provide companies and brands information based on what the consumer thinks of their products to make changes for the future.  Survey Junkies have many members who are influencers for brands.

Do Surveys and Get Paid

Thousands of surveys are completed daily, and at Survey Junkie, conduct over 50,000 daily, and as the community grows, the numbers increase.

Once You Join

Once you become a member, you will need to complete your profile based on questionnaires. Survey Junkie will then match you up with studies that are relevant to your interest.

What Type of Surveys do they have?

When you complete your profile details, Survey Junkie with match you to the appropriate surveys, so you get paid.

You may choose any of the product categories that you want to survey. Your feedback through the surveys cover many products:

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Beverages
  • Food products
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Restaurants
  • Personal care
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Educational institutions
  • Pets beauty
  • More

After completing the surveys based on one of these products, you will earn virtual points as rewards for your efforts.

Well done, you will have by now earned enough virtual points that can be converted to Giftcards or paid into your PayPal account. 

What type of Gift Cards will I receive?

Survey Junkie offers popular gift cards and cashouts via PayPal

  • Amazon
  • Gift card
  • PayPal card

The Good and the Bad

What I like most about Survey Junkie

Those who have already done reviews find Survey Junkie to be the best one for them.

  • Survey Junkie has a cool App
  • It is an easy way to earn some extra income
  • They are fun to do
  • Surveys and informative and useful
  • Receive money in PayPal account within days
  • Great payout options
  • Provide quality surveys
  • Great surveys 
  • Navigation is simple
  • The process is explained upfront
  • Provide points for trying

What I don’t like about Survey Junkie

I liked many people who get frustrated and disappointed after spending time and effort on completing reviews to find out I’m. not qualified. Other negative points include:

  • Some are too long
  • Not enough points for the length of time spent on doing the reviews
  • Asked some questions before the actual Survey, and when you complete the Survey, you will be asked the same screener questions again, then you may not qualify
  • Waste of time
  • Complete Survey and don’t earn the points
  • You won’t get rich, so don’t quit your day job
  • You won’t be approved for all surveys
  • When doing the Survey, sometimes, it will drop you and may or may not provide you with points
  • The website freezes up when completing the Survey and is unable to continue.

Who Is Survey Junkie For?

Survey Junkie is ideal for anyone who loves doing surveys, and as a member, you can choose to participate in their communities:

  • Survey Junkie community
  • SJ Pulse Community

Survey  Junkie Community is where you can gain the opportunity to share and provide your perspective through their “attitudinal based market research.” taking surveys.

If you decide to join SJ Pulse Community, they offer you an opportunity “to engage in behavioural market research.”

Behavioural research includes opting in to share digital browsing activity collected in a privacy-compliant way via SJ Pulse.

Whenever you log into Survey Junkie, they guarantee you will be provided with privacy, availability on all your devices, reward you for your time influence you on the brands you use and love.

Survey Junkie Tools And Training

Many people love to share information and their opinions, and Survey Junkie is no different. When researching their online training, I could not find anything to say that they will train you. However, training could be within once you become a member. Also, they do have a team that will answer any questions you have regarding Survey Junkie.

Tools that Survey Junkie has are called ADD-ON. Once you join SJ Pulse, you are connected, you will be rewarded for share digital browsing behaviours. In other words, they track:

  • Your searches
  • Websites you visit
  • Your shopping activities
  • Apps you use
  • Ads you see
  • The content you engage with

You could even qualify for exclusive surveys and earn more money.

They guarantee account security and that the information is coming from you

  • The device you are using
  • Browser information
  • Location

Survey Junkie Support

Support Centre has contact details, Help Centre, Terms, privacy policy, and other essential information based on your rights.

The Help Centre has topics covering membership, sign-in, email, surveys, points, redemption, SJ Pulse Extension. They also provide access to more frequent questions.

Once you sign up to Survey Junkie, you will be part of a community of people who will share their experiences, provide opinions and behaviours in exchange for rewards.

The brands you love provide an informative insight into consumers researching a particular brand.

What is DISQO?

DISQO is a platform where people can share information and insights openly and transparently. They collect and analyse consumer data globally to market research agencies, businesses and companies on product brands.

Affiliate Programs

Signing up to Survey Junkie is FREE. You also have the opportunity to join their affiliate program to increase your earnings. 

How? By driving traffic to their website so others can earn rewards for their opinions. You will be provided with real-time reporting on data through their reporting tools that track your campaigns and generate reports.

Survey Junkie says they offer support through their team, who will answer any questions and help to promote your campaign to help you succeed. 

They are always looking for new partners who wish to join their team. You fill in the form.

Final Opinion of Survey Junkie

Some years ago, I used to do surveys. I did it for twelve months. The result for me was very little return for my time spent doing surveys. As pointed out in the what I’m not too fond of section, I, too, would complete surveys only to find I did not earn anything in return. Other things that happened to me were filling out the details initially and finding out I was not suitable, and I would receive emails informing me. There was a survey for me to complete, only to find out it was no longer there.

All in all, I would not waste my time on surveys if you are expecting something in return. Since then, I have found an alternative way to earn an income through Wealthy Affiliate.

The Best Alternative Program

If you love writing posts about something you are passionate about and you would like to earn extra income, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Logo on Wealthy Affiliate University
Wealthy Affiliate University

Once you become a member through Wealthy Affiliate, the opportunities are endless. You are encouraged to write blogs, participate in the training, help others, answer questions and more.

Included are some links to some blogs written by members of the community at Wealthy Affiliate that I’m sure will show you how members help each other along.

One of our members, Ed, wrote this blog called “Learning is the Key to Your Success at Wealthy Affiliate” 

I wrote this blog a couple of months ago, “How Blogging Has Transformed My Life” 

The success stories I love reading about and commenting on is Google, Bing, or Yahoo have indexed my post! It’s such a thrill when others achieve what they set out to do, and that is being accepted, motivated, supported, and inspired across the global web.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

There are so many Wealthy Affiliate members who are successful in their business, and I thought it would be nice to show you a list provided by one of our members’ posts published last year on November 05, 2020, Rope Kiuttu. Roope has been a long-standing member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2015.

29 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories (Make Money WORLDWIDE!)

So, you are interested in creating your business online. Click here to sign up for free, watch the video, create a get started account, have access to Wealthy Affiliate, and start your training and personal support.

Survey Junkie at a Glance

NAME: Survey Junkie


PRICE: Membership is free

OWNERS: Survey Junkie owned by consumer insights platform DISQO

OVERALL RANK On Pilot Trust: 4.5 out of 5



My review has been based on my personal experience and research. I never recommend inferior quality products or create false reviews to make sales. I intend to explain the effects to make an informed decision on which ones suit your needs best.

Affiliate Disclosure

Thank you for taking an interest in my site and reading my posts. Click here to read my full disclosure and don’t forget to click like and leave a comment.


  • Angel70

    Thank you for sharing this article, really grateful!
    Never liked surveys but to be honest, I have tried a few in the past without gaining anything. Thank you for this.

  • Norman Ricardo Richards

    This is the first time that I have heard about this program and what I find so interesting about surveys is that while you can make some money you will not be able to make a full-time income that will allow you to work full time from home. So it may be good to make some loose change but not if you are looking to make some really good money.

  • Joseph William Stasaitis

    Thanks for the information on this survey site. Several years ago I played around with a few survey sites but don’t remember if Survey Monkey was one of them. I do agree that a better alternative is an online training platform such as Wealthy Affiliate where you learn the basics and grow your business in a steady manner. All the Best.

    • Yvonne Bray

      Hi, Joseph; thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate your thoughts on surveys. I do remember something about Survey Monkey. There is certainly a better way to earn a dollar.

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