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OMG! I’ve Found The Best Keyword Research Tool Ever!

OMG! I’ve found the best keyword research tool ever! It’s called Jaaxy. I’m an affiliate marketer, and I have two websites that I write blogs about in my chosen niche business and marketing business. Driving traffic to your website relies on keywords, and researching them is essential for all affiliate marketers and business owners on the Internet. 

You can join Jaaxy for free all you have to do is sign up and start your trial, and you get 30 searches. It’s an excellent opportunity to see if the platform produces the results you want.

What do I get if I join Jaaxy?

When you join Jaaxy you will get the most advanced platform in the world that manages:

  •   Keywords
  •   Website
  •   Competition
  •   Market Research

Setting up your free trial Jaaxy Account

=Sign up and Get your 30 free searches here==

A bit more on Jaaxy Keywords

Jaaxy has over 500 million keywords that can be searched. I have found the program to be an essential part of my business because it provides me with an insight into 

  •       Traffic
  •       Competition
  •       Domains
  •       keywords

Since I have used Jaaxy as a keyword research tool, I have been found and indexed on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Researching keywords

Start using Jaaxy for keywords. I must admit I didn’t fully understand it until I learned about it through Wealthy Affiliate. I learned Jaaxy has millions of niches online, and many of them don’t have much competition, and when you first start using Jaaxy yourself, you will have access to a range of platforms:

  •       keyword search
  •       Niches
  •       Brainstorm
  •       Competition
  •       SiteRank
  •       Domains
  •       affiliate search
  •       Alphabet Soup


When you join you will see that Jaaxy provides membership options.

Once you become a member of Jaaxy, you will find out how to “spy” on your competition and check out how and why they rank better than you?  So, what will you get to see?

  •       Content structure
  •       Meta tags
  •       Content quality, length, 
  •       Backlinks
  •       Ad placements
  •       Other relevant information

Jaaxy SiteRank

I love SiteRank! It allows me to monitor and keep track of how my two websites are going in Google, Bing and Yahoo! As you can see below, I am an example of My Aero Gardening: its position in Google and Bing, Found in position no on page one.

Google noticed one of my posts, and I receive an email notifying me that I have achieved success ranking and position.

Jaaxy Domain names

When I first bought my Domains, I didn’t realize websites are treated as real estate. So, when you buy a domain, no one else can own it; it’s yours. But if you want to sell it in the future, you could earn money. So started thinking about your domain name for your niche.

I used the keyword AeroGarden, but somebody had already taken this name which I’m sure you will know of them. They are the makers of AeroGarden. So I had to put some extensions on the name Aerogarden. I chose My Aero Gardening, and I was given a choice of .com, .net, .org. As advised in my tutorials, the best option is .com, so I decided on for one website. I purchased that site.

Further down, I provided an example of naming your business: Aero Garden Grower or Aerophonic Garden. As you can see from the example for an aero garden grower, the domain name extension is .com, .net, .org, and for Aeroponic garden, a .net or .org.

The traffic results are both over 30, and QSR needs to be under 100. If you click on the QSR, you will see the quality search results, which I did and found. Aero Garden grower to have AVG 40 and QSR 11 Great and Aeroponic garden AVG 110 and QSR 145 (this is a little too high). The aero garden grower, to me, is a great name to use.

Depending on which domain name you choose, when you search in Jaaxy, you will see if it is available. The name you select may have, as mentioned above, will end in either a .com, .org, or .net.

You can also save Domain lists either locally or globally and buy them as Assets for your portfolio.

Keywords Galore

Jaaxy is the fastest and most robust keyword research platform that you will find. Jaaxy will save you time when research keywords; it will allow you to do other things in your business. Every day 500 million new keywords are added, and using a research tool such as Jaaxy makes sense because it gives you a competitive edge advantage.

Try typing in any keyword: Tomatoes, indoor Plants, flowers, herbs, iPhone are just some that I have used.

Interpreting Keyword Data

When it comes to interpreting keyword data, it will help you to understand “Keyword research”. Keyword research is essential as it will be the starting point to your success.

AVG = refers to monthly traffic that your keyword or phrase gets around the world. Therefore, you need to have more than 30 monthly searches.

Traffic – refers to the amount of traffic you will receive if you rank on Google, Bing or Yahoo first page, using that keyword or phrase.

QSR = refers to Quoted Search Results, competition results in Google under that keyword or phrase. Need to have less than 100 QSR (competition) the lower, the better. To automatically received QSR results, you will need to be a Premium Plus member.

KQI = refers to Keyword Quality Indicator. For example, green is great, yellow is normal, and red is difficult to get traffic using that keyword or phrase.

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation of a website to organic traffic, either paid or unpaid, from the search engine results page. SEO looks at design, writing, links and keywords.


When you first start thinking about a niche, You might find it difficult, I know I did because I could not decide which was my favourite hobby, so I decided to go with a skill that I have, which is in Horticulture. But horticulture is such a broad niche, so I had to narrow it down further. So I started typing in keywords: gardening, indoor gardening, hydroponics, Aero gardens.

After having lived in the desert in the centre of Australia, I was fascinated with the ability to fresh lettuce in a hydroponic system, which led me to promote Aerogardens indoors, away from the hot searing sun and heat.


There are thousands of niches that Jaaxy can discover, and if you are stuck, Jaaxy has a Brainstorm feature where you can search for modern trends which help keep you up to date with current technology.

Affiliate Programs

Another ideal tool is the ability to search for Affiliate Programs. Jaaxy has over 15,000 affiliate programs in their search. Below is an example of some Affiliate Programs and commissions that your market niche can earn.


I have to admit my biggest competition is AeroGarden themselves. I often go to their website to see what new products are available; then, I go to Amazon to see if they are selling them. Either way, I can write a review of their products.

Jaaxy: Reverse Engineer

I first learned about this reverse engineer as a tool, and I found that if you already a new niche and you are having success with it, you can submit it into Jaaxy.

Track your Rankings

Yahoo!, Google, and Bing can all be analyzed in Jaaxy. 

How to Determining where you rank in search?

Many years ago, finding out how your site was ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo! was not an easy task; Jaaxy provides a bridge between your website and the three major search engines. Jaaxy allows you to track your keywords to see how they are going and determine what leads your rankings in search and which ones are not.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links on my website contain affiliate links which means I make a small commission on purchases at no extra cost to you. To read my full disclosure here. Thank you for taking an interest in my site and reading my posts.

My opinion

I believe Jaaxy to be the best research tool. I am constantly learning something new. I find it a valuable keyword research tool, and it’s also easy to use keyword research done is much quicker in an ideal way, saving you time to run your business.

My Jaaxy review: what everyone ought to know about this research tool.

Learn more about Jaaxy research tool for marketing

Finding Keywords for beginners

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