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    The Ugly Truth About Bluehost: Review

    Are you having a difficult time deciding whether to sign up for Bluehost? “Web Hosting Server is the lifeline of every website. It should be up and running 24/7.” ― Dr. Chris Dayagdag (source: Goodreads) Let’s discover the ugly truth about Bluehost; it could be the reason why you are having such a difficult time deciding. After all, Bluehost says they power about +2 million globally and supports millions of users every day. About Bluehost NAME: Bluehost WEBSITE: https://www.bluehost.com PRICE: Starting Price $3.81 per month FOUNDERS: Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth Established: 2003 OVERALL RATING Pilot Trust: 2.5 out of 5 Bluehost Overview Bluehost is a web hosting company, established in Dec 2003.  Their goal…

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