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Learn More About Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool For Marketing

Did you know that the Jaaxy keyword research tool is the best platform globally? You, too, can learn more about the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool for marketing, just like I did when I joined.

When I first started at Wealthy Affiliate, I had free access to Jaaxy. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no knowledge about this program initially, and as a result, the program became overwhelming because I overcomplicated things. 

I started slowly learning and began understanding the concept and how it could help me in my new business adventure. I learned about using keywords, finding ideas and writing blogs based on them.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links on my website contain affiliate links, making a small commission on purchases at no extra cost to you. To read my full disclosure here. Thank you for taking an interest in my site and reading my posts.

Who owns Jaaxy?

Jaaxy came about as a platform “developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.”

Product Name: Jaaxy


Overall Ranking: 4.5 of 5

Owners: Kyle and Carson


  •   Free starter membership when you first join Wealthy Affiliate 
  •   Premium $49 per month
  •   Enterprise membership $99 per month

How to sign up

Jaaxy Banner: The keyword and research platform for affiliate marketers. Try Jaaxy now.

You can sign up by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Once you do, you will have access to the free version of Jaaxy. If you are happy with the product, you can upgrade to Premium Membership, which automatically upgrades you to Jaaxy Lite.

Once you join, you have access to billions of keywords; 500 million brand new words are added daily.

Using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tools

When you start using Jaaxy, you will see a user interface that you will access to search for keywords on your chosen niche that you wish to market.

When you access Jaaxy in Wealthy Affiliate, you will face a platform. Below is the toolbar that you will see in Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Research Tool Bar

The top bar

Jaaxy contains links to four sections that you can access, including upgrade and Jaaxy membership.

The top part of the bar of Jaaxy Research tool

Search box for:

a.     Niche brand

b.    Ideas

c.     Dig deeper for more ideas on your niched.  Check on what your competitors are doing by finding out why, where and how they are ranking.

 Site Rank

Site Rank is an exclusive SEO feature in Jaaxy. It helps us to keep an eye on things and to follow our website rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing, for our business.

Site Rank showing results of Google rankings.

I entered the keyword “Mitsuba” and the domain name myaerogardening.com. Unfortunately, nothing came up in this area under the keyword because I have not written a post.

However, you will see that key phrases are tracked in Google.com, Bing.com and Yahoo.com.

a. A keyword you can enter a keyword in the search box and perform a search to see how things are going

b. URL search you can enter your business website.

c. Total Scans is in the next column. You can either choose the Frequency of scans as Daily and set it to an alternative time frame such as twice a week, weekly or monthly.

Google, Yahoo and Bing, show positions of your posts 

 As you can see, there is nothing in Google, but some pages are in Yahoo and are in positions 1-3. Bing has a different  position system which is between 1-7

d. Tracking can either be turned on or off.

e. There is an inactive section that shows the website myaerogardening.com in no1 position in Yahoo and Bing.

f. Trash bin contains nothing

Affiliate Program

One major benefit of Jaaxy is earning extra income by promoting Jaaxy online or referring others to the platform.

Earn Revenue by referring people to Jaaxy. How much can you earn.

When you go into this section, you will see several clicks, referrals, and sales. Included in this area is Stats showing the number of stats for the past 30 days and revenue earned during this time.

As you can see, no revenue has been earned Today, Yesterday, the Last 7 Days or this month. 

Statistics in the past 30 days
Revenue results and payment details.

The bottom of the bar shows commission earned and payout history,

Jaaxy also helps you to find various Affiliate programs such as ClickBank or Amazon.com. To name a few, there are many more.

Jaaxy Help

One of the best strategies I have learned at Wealthy Affiliate when it comes to keywords or phrases and is to “aim for low hanging fruit keywords.” The main reason for this statement is because you can gain domain and page authority from the beginning. Any QSR less than 300 or less is great, but anything less than 200 is excellent; however, anything less than 100 is ideal.

Another piece of advice that I received is to pick the keyword and phrases that make sense. 

The Jaaxy help has plenty of guides and videos to understand how Jaaxy can work for you.


There are three Bonus Handbooks for you to download and read:

1.     Bonus one is about High Traffic, Low Competition keywords

2.     Bonus is based on Niches, keywords and Success

3.     Bonus 3 is on Domain Industry Secrets


Included in the help area are some videos:

  • Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis 
  • Niche Research Refinement
  • The Affiliate Program walkthrough.

Below the top bar is another bar that has seven links

Top bar of Jaaxy showing 7 links


In this example, I have used a keyword named “Mitsuba” to show you how Jaaxy works. Mitsuba is the name of a plant, also known as a herb.

Try Jaaxy search keywords.

From this image, you can see the keyword Mitsuba brought up plenty of key phrases related to that name, which is too broad for what we need. Also, the name is used in businesses, restaurants and corporations.

I narrowed it down further with a question. “What is Mitsuba” Just in case you don’t know, Mitsuba is a plant that is used in Japanese Cuisine.

Jaaxy research results on Mitsuba

As you can see from the above example, only one item to choose from that answers my research question. Below will explain the different sections of the keyword.

Keyword Phrase: What is Mitsuba?

AVG: shows the keyword “What is Mitsuba” has an average number of searches that are received per month, which amounts to 7967 per month.

The traffic shows the number of visits that we would receive on the website if our post achieves first page rankings in the search engines, indicating 1355.

QSR is short for Quoted Search Results, indicating that 44 QSR is the number of competing websites ranked in Google 

KQI is short for Keyword Quality Indicator: which is showing the word Great in green.

  •       Green is great
  •       Yellow is ok
  •       Red is poor

SEO refers to a score based on traffic and competition; the higher your score, the better. Our score for What is Mitsuba is 88. On a scale between 1 to 100, which is a good score.

Under the Domain section, it will provide a list of available domains concerning our keyword. .com, .net, .org. Dotcom is the best domain ending to choose.

In the Next column you can see Related and Brainstorm


The related column contains keywords related to the search; click on one of these can help you dig further to find more on what you require. For instance:

  •       Mitsuba plant
  •       Mitsuba menu
  •       Mitsuba Sushi
  •       Mitsuba Japanese Parsley
  •       Mitsuba seeds
  •       Mitsuba Japanese Cuisine

Brainstorm section contains:

  •       Best plants to grow in an Aerogarden
  •       Plants and AeroGardens

Keyword phrases are often used in Google that users have used to find information on a topic. Once you have typed in your keyword phrase, you will see many columns essential to your needs.

Alphabet soup

Alphabet Soup is used to find keyword topics beginning or ending with letters of the Alphabet A to Z.

For example, I typed in the word Mitsuba.

Alphabet Soup results for Mitsuba.

As you can see from the image, there are lots of results for the word Mitsuba. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg, but it’s not what I was searching for because Mitsuba is a plant. 

Next, I typed in Mitsuba the plant and produced zero results. Then Mitsuba the herb, again zero results and finally Japanese Parsley. Still no results

As you can see, you can use a range of keywords in the Alphabet soup, tick on what you want, so long as it makes sense and saves. Saving your words help to build your keyword list.

Under Keywords, there is also a count of keywords that you have saved to the list, and under Traffic, you will see an estimated traffic count that the list of keywords will achieve if you rank on the first page of the search engines.

Also included in this section, you will see when Last Saved.

Saved lists

When you search for keywords or phrases, you can save them in the Saved list under a topic heading. For instance, Keyword, Mitsuba can be saved under a heading called Herbs or Culinary herbs.

You can also view when you last updated your keywords so that you can do another search to add to your list.

Jaaxy Saved list results on Mitsuba

There are also some actions that you can take in this area; for instance, you can export the information and download it as a .txt or .csv file format.

Other actions include View, Rename or Delete.

Search history

As you do keyword searches, it will save them in search history, so if you need to go back to the one, you can click on the one you want. 

Search history for Mitsuba

Search analysis

This section is ideal to see lists of pages or sites in the top 10 positions in Google, Bink or Yahoo. It’s also a great tool to know what your competitors are doing and how they are ranking.

 Affiliate programs

You can go into this section to find affiliate programs or products that support your market niche and apply them to earn extra money.


This has been ideal for me as I know it will be helpful for you as well. We often have what they call writer’s block, especially when it comes to writing; we often wonder what to write about, what to say or how to do something in your market niche. Brainstorm features the latest trends on Google, Yahoo!, Buzz, Alexa, Amazon, and Twitter. It’s an excellent tool.

Is Jaaxy for you?

I am a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate, and as such, I am automatically entitled to use Jaaxy Lite.

But is it for you?

Jaaxy is the ideal research tool for you to learn and use if you have an online business, an affiliate marketer, or a freelance writer. We all have different needs and wants, and Jaaxy has allowed for that with its amazing features.

  •       Choosing a niche
  •       ideas for Article topics
  •       Key phrases for Writers
  •       Keywords for Bloggers
  •       help for Marketers and Affiliate Marketers including so much more


  •       Easy to use
  •       Rapid searches
  •       Mobile friendly
  •       Online program
  •       training materials available online
  •       Has millions of keywords and phrases
  •       You can try Jaaxy for free
  •       Premium members get 100 free searches
  •       Ideal for all levels of affiliate marketers and businesses


  •       Can be expensive for small businesses and individuals
  •       Difficult to use if you don’t understand the concept of keywords
  •       The free version is limited – you get 30 free searches
  •       As a premium member, you get only 100 free searches 

Getting to know Jaaxy Better

Suppose you want to learn how to use Jaaxy before joining as a Premium or Enterprise member. You can learn for free!

Want to know more about Jaaxy?

View Jaaxy on Video

Give a go and see for yourself! You can download booklets and watch amazing videos. 

Free starter membership. Wealthy Affiliate. Fresh video, tutorial and coursers. Get instant help and support; build websites with ease; Achieve you online business goals. Sign Up Now. no credit card required. Learn, Network, Build, Succeed.

How much will Jaaxy Cost you?

First, you can try Jaaxy for Free, and it’s a great way to try this product for yourself to see if it’s ideal for you and/or your business. You will get free access if 30 search queries using Keyword, Alphabet Soup, Search Analysis and Affiliate programs. 

Once you are happy and wish to go Pro Plan, it will cost $49.00 per month. What you will get is:

  •       Fast research response time
  •       Keyword searches will be unlimited.
  •       QSR Keyword
  •       Domain availability
  •       SEO Power analysis
  •       Site or post rankings
  •       Saved keyword lists
  •       Brainstorm feature
  •       Spy competitors analysis

You have your business up and running, Jaaxy is doing really well for you as your ideal research tool, but you are looking to take your business to the advanced level in marketing. The final plan is the Enterprise Plan, which costs $99.00 per month. But what do you get? You get all the above features of Pro and more. 

  •       Enterprise works much faster, and it reduces the waiting time.
  •       More competition analysis
  •       More domain information availability
  •       Has data sorting capabilities
  •       Allows you to have up to 5 tabbed searches
  •       Alphabet Soup searches show 50 results instead of 15
  •       Other available features

In my Opinion

Without Jaaxy, I would not have a business writing blogs or reviews. Keywords are essential for the success of my business, attracting visitors, finding information and taking action.

Based on the examples above and my knowledge of using Jaaxy, I have found it quite a reliable tool for my research. It’s fast and easy to use, and it shows me detailed information about my competition.

You can read more about Jaaxy.

OMG! I’ve found the best keyword research tool ever.

My Jaaxy Review: what everyone ought to know about this keyword research tool

Finding Keywords for beginners

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If you have any questions about this post’s content, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear what you think about the article.


  • Ann

    When I first started out in affiliate marketing, I just put whatever title I felt to my blog posts. And as time went by, I didn’t see any traffic, although I worked hard. But then I realized that keywords are key in order to befriend Google. Now I don’t publish anything without searching for keywords first. Now my concerns are which keyword is better, but I never again picture myself writing posts without one!

    • admin

      Ann, I totally agree with you; I always put keywords in my title and the first part of the paragraph. If we want to be found in Google, Keywords are the key. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. 

  • Norman

    I have been using Jaaxy for years and it is and an amazing tool that has so many features that can get you the best keyword for your niche that can rank well in the search engines and the good part is that besides two paid version there is also a free version which you can use that works just as well. I have proven the power of Jaaxy and encourage others to use it as well.

    • admin

      Thank you for your comment Norman. I’m so glad you have experience in using Jaaxy. I totally agree with you; it is an amazing tool for a keyword or key phrase search. I agree there is a free version to try, but you will get better results with a membership.

  • Geoff

    This is an excellent and very comprehensive post on Jaaxy.

    it is indeed a very powerful tool which is greatly underused by many people who have access to it.

    it is great that it is part of the Wealthy Affiliate package and while Premium members only have 100 checks per month this is more than enough.  If you join Premium Plus you get access to the next level up, Jaaxy Enterprise, which gives even more analysis to help you choose the best possible keywords for your posts.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • admin

      Hello, Geoff; thank you for taking the time to read my post; I appreciate your explanation of the available various levels. I agree Jaaxy Enterprise is the best, but sometimes it depends on the budget for some people. It’s certainly true that many people underuse Jaaxy, and I often wonder about it because they don’t really understand the benefits of keyword searches.

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