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Wealthy Affiliate Review-For People Looking To Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Are you one of these people that this quote below is referring to? I know I was! In my view, Wealthy Affiliate Review is for people looking to get into Affiliate Marketing.

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

(Quote from

Many times I’ve searched the Internet to find out how to establish my own marketing business. I considered going it alone, but I was too scared to start online without help or guidance. What I needed was an Affiliate Marketing platform that had integrity and provided the necessary training.

I found many affiliate marketing programs, but they promised quick get-rich schemes that I knew were impossible, and they also appeared as scams. It took me a couple of years; I finally decided on one particular marketing platform, Wealthy Affiliate; I’ve found much more support than I ever imagined.

Wealthy Affiliate has performed well since it started in 2005. Over the years, they have shown how easy it is to get started in affiliate marketing from your home. They provide guidance, and a wonderful, knowledgeable community, lessons, classes, tutorials and live videos.

Wealthy Affiliate Powers Affiliate Marketers Worldwide. 16 Years in the business, 193 countries, 1,400,000+ members, 10,000 new businesses built monthly, 1,800 + Expert coaches and 23,000 people helped daily.
Wealthy Affiliate Powering Affiliate Marketers

Today, Wealthy Affiliate has a star rating of 4.8 out of 5; they are recommended as the best affiliate marketing program in the industry for anyone looking to get into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links on my website contain affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission on purchases at no extra cost. To read my full disclosure here, thank you for taking an interest in my site and reading my posts.

Product/Service Overview

My first impression of Wealthy Affiliate changed since I started from scepticism to the best business-building website and affiliate marketing business I have ever come across in my research.

Wealthy Affiliate has been designed to offer affiliate marketing platforms levels from beginner to advanced. Like any business, it has its pros and cons, and the pros outweigh the cons. Furthermore, the best feature that stood out for me was Getting Started: it’s free! All you need to do is create an account, follow the steps and start building your online business at no risk, and no credit card is required until you are happy and ready to go Premium, either during your 7 days. Once you have joined as a premium member, the doors open to the next level in your learning and business-building, you will progress forward.

A platform designed for Affiliate Marketers of all levels. Sign in form. Enter your email address and Try Wealthy Affiliate Free, No Risk and no credit care required.

As a beginner at Wealthy Affiliate, you will have the ability to

  • Choose one of your favourite hobbies, services or money-making ideas
  • Build your website using SiteRubix, which is free
  • Use Jaaxy, a famous keyword search program at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Learn various strategies to drive traffic to your website
  • Promote or review products or services through affiliate programs and earn revenue

Wealthy Affiliate – The Overview and Rankings

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website URL:

Training: 4.8 out of 5.0

Support: 5.0 out of 5.0

Website Builder: 4.9 out of 5.0

WordPress Hosting: 4.8 out of 5.0

Research Tools: 4.6 out of 5.0

Success Stories: 4.5 out of 5.0

Price: Starter Member (Free), Premium Membership ($49/mth or $495/year) Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

Trust Pilot review of Wealthy Affiliate. 4.8 star rating 91% Excellent.

Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Chart Starter Vs Premium

When you first sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, we will present you with the starter pack for the first seven days. As you can see in the comparison below in the image, the green ticks show what you will get as a beginner.

Once you have reviewed the Start pack and would like to advance to Premium, it will cost $49.00 per month. Alternatively, you can select to pay a full year; in doing so, you don’t worry about monthly payments.

Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Chart Starter Vs Premium

==To Get the Most Advanced and Comprehensive Training in the Industry!==


  • training
  • assistance in building your website
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • weekly webinars, live training
  • daily tutorials
  • Amazing community
  • Fantastic 24/7 tech support team
  • Immediate startup
  • cost-effective membership you can either pay monthly or yearly
  • two streams you can choose from OEC or Bootcamp


  • Some lessons are a bit out-of-date and need upgrading,
  • There have been many changes on the platform and lessons reflect old ways
  • a lot of information to take in
  • don’t understand the ranking system and why it’s in place
  • No refunds are available as billing is made in advanced on a monthly or yearly basis.

The Features at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Best education platform
  • A community of experienced experts
  • millions of keywords on Jaaxy
  • Choose website themes
  • secure and reliable hosting
  • instant network with millions of Affiliate Marketers
The Features you need to succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate Community are “Caring” and Supportive Experts

When you commence at Wealthy Affiliate, you start at the lowest rank as a new member. However, once you start and become a premium member, you will begin to climb the ranks, and you will join the top 200 and be in the running for Ambassadorship.

There is no monetary value when you reach the top 25 and become an ambassador. It’s a personal achievement for anyone who wants to help by giving back to the community.

  • reading other people’s blogs
  • commenting
  • helping
  • answering questions
  • providing motivations
  • offering guidance, and support where needed
  • supporting others in their quest to establish their own business.

The community has plenty of experts at Wealthy Affiliate who are skilled in their fields, and they are only too willing to help you succeed. All you have to do is ask, and they will help you find an answer to follow. Furthermore, it can feel overwhelming at first; besides, it doesn’t matter if you have no experience establishing a website or a business. You will learn and be guided by the best in the industry.

Like any business product you research, you will come across the pros and cons, and Wealthy Affiliate is no exception.

How I got started

Banner of Wealthy Affiliate University
Wealthy Affiliate

When I first started at Wealthy Affiliate, the one thing I remember was the advice.

“Wealthy Affiliate is it’s not a quick get rich scheme;.”

What I needed to do instead was

  • learn
  • work hard
  • be prepared to start earning money after I had gained credibility and trust.

Once I became a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate, I started to

  • receive further ongoing training
  • create two websites
  • receive continued support
  • access valuable research tools, tutorials and live video

I was able to choose my affiliate marketing niche. I chose a niche that I am passionate about; I had trouble understanding what a niche was about. I found it too broad a topic as I love gardening, so I had to narrow it down some more, choosing indoor gardening. But it was still too wide, and I soon learned to break it down even further to focus on one product.

Once I narrowed my niche, I found I could still write plenty of articles.


When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you have two choices:

The Online Entrepreneur Certification:

  • has 5 levels of training and in each level, there are 10 lessons
  • website building as a starter, and once you become a premium member, you can host up to 10 websites
  • weekly live training webinars and classes
  • tutorials, training and assistance

Once you have completed OEC, you might consider going further and completing the Boot Camp training, which contains 7 levels with 10 lessons in each section. The recommendation is to do OEC first as a new member so that you get to understand how it all works.


Once you become a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can host up to 10 websites.

View my YouTube channel on how to Building a website in SiteRubix for Free.


You will receive a warm welcome from the community members at Wealthy Affiliate. Some members are new, some have been members a short time, and others have been with Wealthy Affiliate for years. The community provide unlimited support to members through motivation, inspiration, answering questions and expertise.

Research Tools

Wealthy Affiliate uses the Jaaxy research tool. Here you can search millions of keywords, check to see if a name you have chosen for your site is available, save your keywords, and so much more.

My opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

You don’t need to be the most talented.

You just need to be prepared to work hard, keep learning and don’t be afraid to set goals that scare you


In my honest opinion, Wealthy Affiliate has the best learning, supportive and experienced platform I have ever seen.

So far we have looked at what’s on offer at Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll leave you with a quote from Neil Patel

“Affiliate marketing can work extremely well when done correctly.”

Wealthy Affiliate has Zero Risk, it is the most trusted platform

Join Wealthy Affiliate now its free!

Sign up today at Wealthy Affiliate!

When you sign up to Premium within the first 7 days you will receive your Bonus Discount. It will cost $19.00 a saving of 61% off the original price.

Once you have created your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be contacting you on your profile with my “Welcome Message” and provide you with some additional information about WA. In addition, I will include how to get help and how to claim the bonus.

==To check out my first site: My Aero Gardening==

About Yvonne

Learn more about Jaaxy Keyword Research tool for Marketing

If you have any questions about this post’s content, please leave a comment below I would love to hear what you think about the article.


  • Sonny

    Wealthy Affiliate does offer some really good courses and gets you started from scratch with a fairly easy to understand detailed approach. The community the site offers also is helpful because everyone there is trying to start from scratch and build their online success with you, and there are several pros who have been successful with it for years to offer advice.  thanks for the article. How long did it take you to see real progress and success with WealthyAffiliate?

    • admin

      Hi Sonny, thank you for responding with a comment. It has taken me about 3 months to understand and appreciate what Wealthy Affiliate does and how the community works. Some people sum it up much quicker but I took my time.

  • Gorjan Spirkoski

    I’ve been a member of WA for nearly three years now, and I can personally vouch for the platform’s legitimacy.

    The owners, Kyle and Carson, are undoubtedly one of the most welcoming people I’ve seen in the industry, and the results their student are getting (including myself) speak for themselves.

    To anyone interested in making a living as an affiliate – I highly recommend signing up for the free membership so you can experience firsthand how it’s like to be a member of one of the leading AM communities.

    • Yvonne Bray

      Hello Gorjan, thank you for responding to my post. I really appreciate your kind comments and your recommendation. It doesn’t cost anything to give it a try, which is one of the best things that Wealthy Affiliate offer and they have a wonderful community that provide answers to your questions, advice and guidelines. Thank you again.

  • C.N.

    Thank you so much for this incredibly insightful article, Yvonne! Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent platform for someone who is new to affiliate marketing-I joined WA without a lick of business experience, and within a matter of months, I feel that I have a good grasp of the tools that I’ll need to run a successful online business. Though WA is not perfect, the community here is second to none. We are more than just like-minded entrepreneurs trying to flourish in our chosen niches; we are a family. We want to see one another succeed, and we do all that we can to help one another to succeed. I’m here for the long haul! Great read! God bless you!

    • Yvonne Bray

      Thank you for reading my post. I am glad you have knowledge of WA platform. I agree it is a platform that is ideal for anyone who wants to run their own business but lacks the skils to get started. I wish you all the best.

  • Angelina Jolie John

    Dear Yvvone,

    Thanks for a great blog post write up concerning WA. I love this platform, I love how it taught me how to choose the right keywords to aim for in terms of writing new blogs per day. I love the vast number of community members in here that are so determined to watch everyone succeed in affiliate marketing also.

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    • Yvonne Bray

      Hello Angel, thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my blog. I’m so happy you liked it. As it is my first post after my bio, I was a little worried about whether I would get any response. Thank you so much.

  • carol

    Hi Yvonne,

    I came across Wealthy Affiliate in 2012 and signed up with them. At the time I was a total newbie to the internet and so I didn’t understand how to navigate the platform well. So I discontinued.

    I came across a post that mentioned Wealthy Affiliate again in 2017 and decided to try it again. They have improved it a lot and it is much easier to navigate. I love the training. It’s everything a newbie needs to start an online business.

    • Yvonne Bray

      Hello Carol, I found your comment interesting, and I am amazed you saw Wealthy Affiliate in 2012. Navigating sites such as Wealthy Affiliate have come a long way in the past ten years. I have to agree that the training is amazing and it does have everything one needs to get started. I hope you have continued success. I wish you all the best.

  • Norman

    Wealthy Affiliate is amazing and will help anyone who wants to build a website and make a business by driving traffic. I have been a part of this community for some time now and what I can tell you is that the training works. It takes putting in the time by training and having much patience because success does not come overnight and you will get there. Wealthy Affiliate has the best training when it comes to building a website and owning your own online business.

    • admin

      Hello Norman

      Thank you for your comment. I totally agree with you. Wealthy Affiliate is amazing and so helpful with lots of training and community support. In any business, it takes time to build a good website that has credibility and trust. Having the ability to own your own website is fantastic. 

  • Paolo

    This seems like a good place to get started learning about affiliate marketing. I know that there are a lot of things we need to learn before we’re able to have a profitable business. But having this type of guidance makes the process easier. I like that you mention the good and the bad about the platform. Thanks for this honest review.

    • admin

      Hello Paolo

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post and that you like how I have included the good and the bad of Wealthy Affiliate. Much appreciated.

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