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What We Found Out About Lasso Affiliate Program (Review)

You have probably heard a great deal about affiliate programs. Some have conflicting information about whether they are worth joining or if they are genuine with their commissions. You can examine the data in the article and make an informed decision as to whether you think this is for you.

What we found out about the Lasso Affiliate Program review, you will need to be eligible for their affiliates program; also you will need to have a large group of followers to promote the plugin and earn extra income.

The purpose of my post is to help you by providing relevant information to make an informed decision on whether it is for you.

NAME: Lasso Affiliate Program


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CO-FOUNDERS: Andrew and Laura Fiebert

PRICING: $29 per month or $260 per year and get three months free

OVERALL RANK: 4.4 out of 5

Lasso Affiliate Plugin An Overview

Lasso is an affiliate marketing program plugin that is ideal for WordPress. It will help you manage your

  • Affiliate links
  • Display your links to increase click-throughs
  • Monetise blog posts

If you know or have many interested persons, who would be interested in promoting Lasso, you may be an ideal candidate to earn a commission.

How Does It Work?

When you become a member of Lasso, you will start promoting to others interested in affiliate marketing. You will earn more commission when you start driving traffic through your links.

What’s in it for you?

If you join Lasso, this is what you will get..

  • You will receive a one-time $35 commission for every sign-up through your affiliate link
  • You will get paid: 30-day cookie availability when someone clicks on your affiliate link and comes back to sign up within 90 days 
  • If you have other affiliate marketers who are interested in affiliate marketing you will be able to create customised landing pages and create special offers
  • You will also be able to track leads, referrals and total commissions.
  • Support is available, and you will be able to chat with real people
  • Unlimited links
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Live customer support
  • Gutenberg support
  • Regular Plugin Updates
  • No, Follow/No Index Links

How Lasso Can Help You

When you join Lasso Affiliate Program, you will be able to earn an extra commission, which can be accomplished in many ways.. 

  • Create appealing display boxes for your links
  • Generate Call To Action (CTA) for your audience
  • Amazon is compatible with Lasso
  • Edit and manage all the affiliate links that you have on your site
  • Notifies you when there are new link opportunities
  • It helps to ensure all your links will get monetised
  • Automatically changes affiliate links
  • Use keywords and replace them with affiliate links
  • You can shorten affiliate links using a link cloaking system that is similar to Pretty Links.
  • Create custom landing pages specific to you and your audience needs
  • Offer specials
  • Receive great support
  • Free trial period of 14 days

With a single click, it is easy to import your affiliate links from Pretty Links to Lasso.

The Good, The Bad And The Not So Ugly Reviews on Lasso

What so Goods About Them

  • Highly recommended for WordPress Affiliate Sites
  • Best customer support
  • Great plugin
  • A great team for communication
  • Save time managing affiliate links
  • Must have tool alerts
  • Supportive staff that offer help
  • Great at patching up bugs found in the code
  • Easy to use tool and tracking features
  • 14-day trial

The Bad And Not So Ugly

  • Their commission model is not recurring. You will only earn a one-off payment
  • Must have a PayPal account
  • Challenging
  • Difficult to use on a multilingual website

How to apply to the Lasso affiliate program

You just can fill in the application form online at Lasso.

Cost to Join

Yes,, there is a cost to join after you have done the trial period for free.

Are you getting excited? 

How do I Start Promoting Lasso?

So, you want to know how to get started as an affiliate of Lasso. Here are some basic ideas for your website:

  • Write a post about Lasso Affiliate Marketing and share it with your friends
  • You can also share your post on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Keen and any other social media channels you connect to daily.
  • If you have a subscribers list, you can send out newsletters and share with them your information and include your affiliate link.
  • Creating videos is a fantastic way to promote Lasso and leave your affiliate link in the video description area
  • Webinars are another brilliant way to inform and share your affiliate link with your audience

Lasso Affiliate Marketing Tools and Training

Lasso tools

Lasso is for WordPress sites that can help you increase conversions and revenue. It contains a full suite of affiliate marketing tools that can

  • Fix all your broken links
  • Search for new affiliate opportunities
  • Create product displays
  • Manage your essential links
  • Use keywords to create new links

Training Lasso

I was disheartened by the lack of training that Lasso provides and noticed that the tutorials are in the form of blogs on “The Lasso Affiliate Marketing Blog”, which consisted of

  • In-depth tutorials
  • Case studies
  • Opinion columns

I could not find references or find links to videos or webinars. However, they mentioned that affiliate marketers could promote Lasso on YouTube, so maybe that is where they are kept.

Lasso Affiliate Marketing Support

Lasso has a support sector where many previous questions are answered. The help area contains information on 

  • Getting Started
  • Amazon Associates Integration
  • Customising Displays
  • Using Lasso with other services
  • Account and billing
  • FAQs
  • Lasso Affiliate Program
  • Contact details

Other Linked Affiliate Programs

Lasso has many affiliate programs on the website one such program is the “Coach Training Alliance” for anyone interested in becoming a certified coach to help others. Once you have graduated, you will be shown how to establish your own coaching business.

There are many other related affiliate programs that one can join.

My Final Opinion of Lasso Affiliate Marketing

There is no harm in giving it a try for two weeks; just remember there is a cost if you decide to use the plugin and promote Lasso, you will earn additional income.

If you find this is not for you, I have another alternative option, and Wealthy Affiliate has all the necessary training.

To learn about Wealthy Affiliate read my review

Logo on Wealthy Affiliate University
Wealthy Affiliate University

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Affiliate Disclosure: 

My website contains affiliate links, and I make a small commission on your purchases at no extra cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

I appreciate you for taking an interest in my post. Please leave a comment, and I will respond.


  • Joseph William Stasaitis

    Thanks for the information on Lasso as I had never heard of it before. It does have some attractive features. Personally, I prefer the Wealthy Affiliate platform as it does provide all the necessary ingredients to learn online marketing. All the Best.

  • Muslimah

    Thank you for this detailed review on Lasso.
    It sounds like a great plugin to manage all my affiliate links in one place.
    In addition, It’s good to know it can fix all broken links.
    I will definitely check it out.

    • Yvonne Bray

      Hi that’s great to hear you are going to check it out. However, need to remind you that there is a monthly fee involved, but you could off set this by promoting them and earning income.

  • Millie Zeiler

    Lasso sounds promising, as many affiliate programs do. It’s something for me to consider, but right now I’m still trying to play catch up within Wealthy Affiliate’s university program. Once done with that, then I’ll be more open to looking into additional internet marketing opportunities, which Lasso is.

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