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Which Affiliate Marketing Programs Are The Best For Making Money

Making Money Online is a fantastic way to earn extra passive income as an affiliate marketer. Finding the best money-making program is the most challenging part of affiliate marketing. 

I’ve compiled a review on which affiliate programs are the best for making monery online for you to choose from; included in the study is an outline of the different commissions you can earn and which affiliate marketing niche is the best for making money. We’ll also look at the pros and cons of the affiliate marketing programs, and I will show you my favourite platform to look after my website’s security.

Will I Need A Secure Web Hosting Platform?

Yes! What you will need to get started in the Affiliate Marketing Programs is a reliable web hosting platform. I have provided a short list because there are so many to choose from, and all promise secure web hosting. I have also provided links to my reviews…

Wealthy Affiliate review is a reliable and secure platform where you can manage your business online.

Bluehost provides everything to get you started

Wix provides an all-in-one platform

Hostinger provides help to their members in under 1 minute

Elementor for landing pages, eCommerce store and websites

What Is An Affiliate Program?

Associate Programs is another name for Affiliate Programs. They operate by using three parties:

  • The customer
  • Affiliate program
  • The merchant

As an affiliate member, you would be paid commission on driving traffic to the affiliate program (Amazon) and earn income once a sale has been made.

How Affiliate Programs Work

How does an Affiliate Marketer join an Affiliate Program?

Once you have joined a web hosting platform like Wealthy Affiliate, you will be shown how to set up your website and create reviews and informational content and apply to one of the affiliate programs of your choice. 

Here are two ways you can find affiliate programs.


When you sign up to Jaaxy you will see the search bar where you can enter your keyword. To the right of the screen, you will see Affiliate Programs such as ClickBank, Commission Junction, Link Share and Digital River.

Jaaxy Affiliate Programs


When I did a keyword search, I could not find anything for the niche I had chosen, but you can do it in Google by typing your Niche + affiliate program. For example, I typed in AeroGardens+Affiliate Program.

Google search for affiliate

When you are accepted into an Affiliate Marketing program, let’s say, for example, by Amazon, you will post links on your website so your visitors can purchase products that you have done a review on, and if the customer completes a purchase, you will earn a commission for that sale. The amount of commission you receive is set by the Affiliate program that you join.

How much commission will you receive?

Commission you will receive is set by the affiliate programs and greatly depends on the type of affiliate program you have chosen because there are three types of arrangements that can be made. Commissions are generally between 5 to 30 per cent.

Three types of commissions

  • Pay-Per-Sale: Amazon is a classic example of paying commission for every sale made by a customer.
  • Pay-Per-Click: This is based on the number of visitors who click on your link to go through to your merchant’s site
  • Pay-Per-Lead: This is earned when an affiliate refers their visitor to fill out a form or provide information at the merchant’s website, which may be used as a sale or as a sales lead to another company. These three are the most often used, but there are also other types.

Other types of commissions

  • Two-tier, which is similar to multilevel marketing or network marketing and as an affiliate, you will also receive a commission based on your activity on the merchant site.
  • Residual Program: if you become an affiliate of this program, you can keep earning money from the visitor you have sent to the site. If your visitor continues to purchase goods or services, you will continue to receive a commission.
  • Pay-Per-Impression, also known as Pay-Per-View, Paid on the number of visitors who see their banner ad

How much you will earn will significantly depend on the type of Affiliate program you choose for your niche or money-making marketing business.

Which is the best Affiliate Niche

The best affiliate niche is one that you are passionate about and can write lots of content on your topic. An affiliate niche is broken down into smaller areas. You may be interested in technology, for instance. However, technology is quite a broad niche, so you will need to break it down into sub-niches such as Communications, Medical, computers, Drones and more.

Product/Brand Niche

  • Technology
  • Health 
  • Weight loss
  • Fitness
  • Digital Marketing
  • Dating, love or relationships
  • Pet Care
  • Entertainment such as music or movies
  • Fashion
  • Gardening
  • Travel
  • Gaming

Money Making Niche

There are many niches that you can choose from and find affiliate programs that will help you earn extra income on a range of niches in

  • Finance
  • Budgeting
  • Saving Money
  • Debt
  • Retirement
  • Credit Card
  • Crypto
  • Bitcoin
  • Personal Finance
  • Saving Money Niches

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

  • Shopify referral program 
  • Fiverr Affiliates
  • ClickBank
  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • HubSpot
  • Elementor
  • Aweber
  • CJ Affiliate

There are so many more on the Internet, but seriously I would pick one of the top ten.

The advantages of Affiliate Marketing Programs for Affiliates

  • Earn commission on sales
  • Drive more traffic to affiliate programs
  • Access to statistics for your website on customer behaviour
  • Earn additional income by advertising banners on your website
  • Work from home for yourself
  • Laptop, iPad or mobile phone lifestyle
  • Available product codes to download into your website

The disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing Programs

  • Affiliates could provide false and misleading information to get sales
  • Some affiliates make claims and promises that are not true
  • Merchants may close down and not pay commissions
  • There are also hijackers that 
  • False advertising products

Don’t let the disadvantages deter you from doing affiliate marketing and applying for affiliate marketing programs. Doing your due diligence, it will help you to earn extra income.

My Favourite Webhosting platform

It took me a long time to find a trusted platform. I looked into many programs and found there was always something missing, but I wasn’t sure what at the time.

Logo on Wealthy Affiliate University
Wealthy Affiliate University

Assessing My Needs

I wanted to do affiliate marketing, and I had no idea how to get started, So I Iooked at my needs:

  • A platform that would help me get started
  • Education on how to do…
  • Someone to talk to
  • Ask questions regardless of how silly they sound
  • Get answers
  • Support structure
  • Receive up-to-date information
  • A platform that would help me look after my website
  • Provide security from scammers and others that want to hurt me and my business

What I found

Finding a program took me two years to find something that would suited my needs. What I did find was lots of false promises, quick get rich schemes and salesy websites.

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate I ticked all my boxes. I found the best part was trying for seven days; I was sold after three days.

You can learn more from my review of Wealthy Affiliate

So, if you are like me, why not give it a go. 7 days free trial and no credit card.

My Final Opinion

Finding ways to earn extra income can be challenging and you need to invest time and energy into building your website on a trusted platform that fits your needs. Completing a due diligence on your needs is a step forward to finding the right platform. When you find the right secure website host you will then select the right niche and affiliate program. My advice is to start small and gradually continue to increase driving traffic through the links on your website.


  • Line

    wow, what a great review for affiliate marketing! You give so much information in this post that beginners have a great chance to work with you. Thank you for sharing with us this article.

  • Norman Richards

    Wow, this is a ton of helpful information that can help even those who are starting out or trying to understand how this business works. There are so many ways to make money in the online world that it is just mind-blowing and the good news is that anyone can do it with the right information or the kind of information you are sharing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Joseph William Stasaitis

    There are so many quality affiliate programs available depending on a person’s interests. Working in a niche where you have some interest or are even passionate about makes it easier to hang in there through the learning phase. I appreciate your valuable information and insights. All the Best.

  • Millie Zeiler

    When it comes to shopping for ideal affiliate programs to work with it’s like finding that perfect outfit to suit whatever occasion it is that made you go there, to begin with. I’m no stranger to affiliate programs as I’ve been involved with them, off and on, since 1984. At fourteen years old, I hooked up with Avon. Those folks are literally among the pioneers of what affiliate programming is all about and how they really do work!

    Much has clearly changed since 1984, now with the internet literally blasting open so many new opportunities that can become overwhelming at times. I’m the eternal opportunist, so seeing so many doors makes it hard for my eyes to keep up!

    I do know, however, even with the best affiliate marketing programs, is the need to be as influential as possible. It’s no surprise now there are actually paid influencers that help in this regard! Some are very good at it while others, well, have room to grow.

    • Yvonne Bray

      Hello Millie thank you for your lovely informative comment. It’s interesting how you mention Avon. I used to sell Avon years ago, when door knocking was the norm. I totally agree with your so much has changed since those days.

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